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I am the eldest of three girls living on a cattle property in Australia. Mr Fun and Mrs Patient are my wonderful parents. Rosebud, is my youngest sister and Zoe is the middle bear. We love exploring the creek and enjoy spending time with our pets. We have so many stories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe share some of yours as well.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hello! My name is apparently Mrs Patient and I am the mother of the author. I agreed with the name after I said no to Mrs Doasyouaretold and Mrs Notsofun! Someone has to set the rules!
I would like to tell you about my dog TESS.
Tess is about 4 years old and is part Border Collie and part Kelpie/Cattle Dog cross. The best dog you could ask for. She loves Queen B, Rosebud and Zoe and follows them everywhere. However I am no-one when Mr Fun is around no matter how much food I hide in my pocket.  Tess is a great snake catcher so I send her off with the kids when they are on their bikes or walking to Grandma's house.



This was Tess after Rosebud covered her in Paw Paw leaves and told her to stay. Very patient dog!

Tess had her first litter of pups this year but I will let Queen B tell you that story later.


  1. Mrs pomegranite06 September, 2009

    Tess is a wonderful dog!

  2. Dear Mrs Patient... I see your dog takes after you in the Patience Department. If I own a very large, scaredy-cat dog that's not much good for anything (cept the occasional cuddle) what does that say about ME??

    Lovin' the blog..


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