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Sunday, September 6, 2009


This year our dog Tess had a litter of pups, 5 of them.

About Two Weeks Old
We named them all by the markings on them. Three of them were girls and two were boys. One boy was called Arrow because on the back of his neck there was a little arrow on it, and the secound one was originally called lighting McQueen because he had a lighting bolt on his neck too but the people who wanted to collect him wanted to call him Cody so we started calling him that.

That's Cody
Now for the girls. One was Jess because she was a copy of her mum Tess and because it rhymes, another girl was called Snowy because she was basically covered in white, then last but not least there was Misty my favourite girl she was named "Misty" because she had a swirl on her forehead. When the puppies were about 5 weeks old we put up a giveaway poster in our local shopping centre. When the puppies were 6 weeks old they were all gone. Tess won't be having anymore pups now.

This is Jess, Mum's favourite

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  1. Jess was such a cute little pup. I wonder if she grew up with Tessa's personality?


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