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I am the eldest of three girls living on a cattle property in Australia. Mr Fun and Mrs Patient are my wonderful parents. Rosebud, is my youngest sister and Zoe is the middle bear. We love exploring the creek and enjoy spending time with our pets. We have so many stories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe share some of yours as well.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


For the past few years, once a year for I think about 1 term maybe 2, a program called Merlin  comes on.  For those who haven't seen or heard of it here is a short story about it. Once upon ... etc.   there was a place called  Camelot, where there were no guns, just swords and sheilds. There was also no electricity. Imagine a place where there were tall walls protecting the palace and the kings people, knights and guards walking around the perimeters of the palace at night and day, people trying to sell their foods infront of houses, an area for the knights...  hang on getting too carried away here but can you get the picture?  Well moving on to the part of the movie named Merlin where a boy named Merlin lives. Merlin is a boy around about the age of  15. Merlin had dark hair and had and guardian named Gaius for Merlin's parents were seperated.  His father was off in hiding because he could talk to Dragons (for your imformation in this area in Camelot any kinds of magic was strictly forbidden) and in this case seeing as Dragons are magical creatures anyone who could talk to them had to face the punishment and have their heads cut off. While Merlins father was off in hiding his mother was in another town (I have no idea why). Anyway getting off track again... We have a calf named Merlin!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mrs Patient here...
I am teaching myself how to use photoshop.  I did this see through writing this morning on heading. How am I going BB?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

Hey I’m back! Two posts in two days is a record!

Today I am going to talk about last year’s Christmas.
This is Mum's Christmas Tree.  It is a gum tree branch wrapped in fairy lights.

Well, last year we had Christmas at our place, I had saw so many people I hadn’t seen for ages. We had cousins, uncles and aunts come from Brisbane, some came from Monto and some came from lots of other places.
Rosebud and Zoe couldn’t control themselves when it was the night when Santa came they almost went to sleep as soon as Mr Fun tucked them in.
That morning Zoe, the early bird, woke me up (which I don’t like) and told me that dad had gone to the cattle. Unfortunately Dad was feeding out over the Christmas as we had had no rain. We were allowed to open our stockings from Santa but we weren’t allowed to open presents from relatives.
I had got another book called "A Diary of a Whimpy Kid", a watch, a small handbag, scoobies and some Smiggle things like rubbers and pencils.
After breakfast and when everybody had woken up the adults handed out Secret Santa presents, and then they handed out presents to the children and other adults.
In the end I had the Santa things, sunglasses, a scribble diary, Rosebud, Zoe and I all shared Harry Potter Cluedo, and heaps more.
The night before everyone left we had a Christmas Concert where everyone had to make/play a skit, music or comedy piece and perform it in front of everyone. I played a song on the piano.
When everyone had left I asked mum if a few friends and family could come over on New Years night and while the parents played poker, the children could go outside, but little did I know that poker was so long it could go all night which it practically did! It stopped at about 3am and that’s no joke! When it finished I went to a friends house for a sleepover. 

But a good time has got to end doesn’t it?