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I am the eldest of three girls living on a cattle property in Australia. Mr Fun and Mrs Patient are my wonderful parents. Rosebud, is my youngest sister and Zoe is the middle bear. We love exploring the creek and enjoy spending time with our pets. We have so many stories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe share some of yours as well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Polly, Licky and Malty

Malty is last year’s poddy calf and still hangs around the house. Mr Fun did have her in another paddock but had to bring that mob up to the yards. On the way one of the other heifers hurt her leg so Mr Fun left Malty behind to keep the injured heifer company. She was then moved into house paddock with the injured heifer were she has remained ever since.

Malty looking at the new bull which arrived today.

A few weeks later sadly a cow died giving birth so Mr Fun had to go out and catch her calf. When he brought her home we decided to name her Liquorice because she was all black. When Liquorice was old enough to eat grass she started to eat Mrs Patient’s garden, so Mrs Patient shut her out of the house yard and made her go out where the other cows were and make friends with other calves. When it was time to give Licky her afternoon feed she came home with Malty - we figured they were friends. Then Licky was too old to stay here so yesterday we moved her and Malty to the yards with another cow that is sick.

Liquorice (Licky) just after a feed

Licky and Malty best friends

Then, this morning, a friend of ours rang to say he had a calf at his place and the mother had died. Oh dear – Mrs Patient had about 24 hours poddy calf free!!! LOL. He offered it to us and Mr Fun and I went and picked it up. It is a little heifer (female) and we have named her Polly. I have given her two small feeds of milk but we are waiting for the calf milk to come home from town. It won't get here until about 5.00pm. We have her in the playpen just until she is strong enough to walk.

Polly waiting for her milk

Polly's first real drink....

Sid will not take his eyes off Polly!

Do you have a favourite poddy calf story to share? 
I would love to hear it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tess 2005 -2009

It is Mrs Patient here again with some sad news that our lovely dog Tess passed away yesterday from a brown snake bite. By the time we found her it was too late for the vet so we nursed her the best we could. I really miss seeing her out my kitchen window, at my feet when I'm in the garden and sleeping in her little kennel.
She was an irreplacable dog.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This year our dog Tess had a litter of pups, 5 of them.

About Two Weeks Old
We named them all by the markings on them. Three of them were girls and two were boys. One boy was called Arrow because on the back of his neck there was a little arrow on it, and the secound one was originally called lighting McQueen because he had a lighting bolt on his neck too but the people who wanted to collect him wanted to call him Cody so we started calling him that.

That's Cody
Now for the girls. One was Jess because she was a copy of her mum Tess and because it rhymes, another girl was called Snowy because she was basically covered in white, then last but not least there was Misty my favourite girl she was named "Misty" because she had a swirl on her forehead. When the puppies were about 5 weeks old we put up a giveaway poster in our local shopping centre. When the puppies were 6 weeks old they were all gone. Tess won't be having anymore pups now.

This is Jess, Mum's favourite


Hello! My name is apparently Mrs Patient and I am the mother of the author. I agreed with the name after I said no to Mrs Doasyouaretold and Mrs Notsofun! Someone has to set the rules!
I would like to tell you about my dog TESS.
Tess is about 4 years old and is part Border Collie and part Kelpie/Cattle Dog cross. The best dog you could ask for. She loves Queen B, Rosebud and Zoe and follows them everywhere. However I am no-one when Mr Fun is around no matter how much food I hide in my pocket.  Tess is a great snake catcher so I send her off with the kids when they are on their bikes or walking to Grandma's house.



This was Tess after Rosebud covered her in Paw Paw leaves and told her to stay. Very patient dog!

Tess had her first litter of pups this year but I will let Queen B tell you that story later.


About 2 years ago our neighbour brought up a puppie for us. He is the dog in the title photo with the calf. Sid is a Border Collie so that makes him very active.

Sometimes we think he will never grow up. Sid thinks he is soooo brave but when he actually gets to a cow all he does is growl and run off. I have so many SID stories to share with you...stay tuned!


206 is a cow. We are now in the calving season and everyday we go out and see if any cows are in need of help, but normally we just check on them and give them hay. I like to visit my favourite cow 206. She’s a beauty! But boy is she a gobble dock!

206 is very quiet you can even pat her, basically everywhere. Whenever 206 has a calf, all she does is has it, and then leaves it. So, when ever she gets close to calving, we have to put her in the yards and keep a close eye on her. We like to name her calves and so far 206 has had two calves. The first one was a boy and we named him Patch because he had a patch on his forehead, and the second one was a girl and we named her Christine I don’t know why but we did.
At the moment, 206 is in the house paddock, and every morning she comes and visits the calf, Liquorice, that we are feeding, and waits for her to join her for the day. It looks cool when they go off together. Sometimes Liquorice and Malty, last years poddy, join up and spend the day together.
The other day Mrs Patient was not so patient!!! Someone left the gate open and 206 came in and ate some of the lucerne mulch from Mrs Patient's roses.