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I am the eldest of three girls living on a cattle property in Australia. Mr Fun and Mrs Patient are my wonderful parents. Rosebud, is my youngest sister and Zoe is the middle bear. We love exploring the creek and enjoy spending time with our pets. We have so many stories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe share some of yours as well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tess 2005 -2009

It is Mrs Patient here again with some sad news that our lovely dog Tess passed away yesterday from a brown snake bite. By the time we found her it was too late for the vet so we nursed her the best we could. I really miss seeing her out my kitchen window, at my feet when I'm in the garden and sleeping in her little kennel.
She was an irreplacable dog.


  1. I am so very sorry to hear about the wonderful Tess... I know how much dogs can work their way into your hearts. We still miss our Cosmo even though he has been gone for over two years.
    Big hugs to the whole Patient family!!!
    BB ♥

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear about sweet Tess. I am glad that her children remain to comfort the Patient family. Hugs all around.


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