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I am the eldest of three girls living on a cattle property in Australia. Mr Fun and Mrs Patient are my wonderful parents. Rosebud, is my youngest sister and Zoe is the middle bear. We love exploring the creek and enjoy spending time with our pets. We have so many stories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe share some of yours as well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mrs patient here.  We have a new puppy!

Rosebud and Zoe

I found Zoe in the pound and thought I could give her a new life at our home with three girls who would spoil her rotten. She is a 16 week old Foxy Cross and so far has been absolutely perfect. I would also like to add she is better at keeping the cattle out of my house yard then Sid, the Border Collie, is. 
She only barks when there is something unusual going on which is great for a small dog.  She remains outside and so far have resisted to let her become an inside dog much to the requests of the girls.
Sid is still getting used to her. The first day we came home she would not let him in the garage. But now they are becoming great mates.

Zoe saying" Come on Sid, I know you like me!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smithy and Jonesy

We used to have a white cat named Alby (Albino).  Mum picked her up as a kitten and was told it was male but turned out to be female!!!! Anyway Alby ended up having 4 kittens and they were all ginger males.

Two of my friends took two and we ended up keeping two We named them Smithy and Jonesy.  Alby had a lot of health problems and ended up dying. 

They are beautiful cats but sleep all day in the same spot.  Smithy is the fat one and just sleeps and eats. He has a ginger face. Jonesy is the hunter and is thinner and sometimes vanishes for days on end only to reapear very skinny and hungry. They sometimes sleep together, they lick each other and generally are great mates.

Smithy is the cat that you can play with.

Smithy and Jonesy

Here is Smithy letting Liquorice lick him!!

and this is really gross....


And Rosebud taking Smithy for a ride in the trike!

I think we have the worlds laziest cats!

Down at the creek

Down in one of our paddocks (Hima, named after a Bull) there is a long creek. Rosebud, Zoe and I love to go down there because of lots of reasons. It is adventurous, has lots of amazing things made out of nature and last but not least we have a cubby house there! Al l it is, is a tree with its roots exposed. We have made a roof out of long sticks and dead leaves and little branches, and it’s looking good. We have shelves to put stuff in like bones, we even have a lizard skeleton. There is also a slide, meeting room and announcement place. It is a huge creek and we decided to name parts of it. For example, Rocky Air, Sahara Desert and Open Season. It is now school holidays and the other day I had a friend over and we stayed there for about 3 hours just playing and having a picnic. It was so much fun.